Celebrate Summer with Spark of Amber

Summer — time for cookouts, family vacations, trips to the pool or beach! Summer is a special time for enjoying family and friends and warm weather.

At Spark of Amber, we have some great Baltic Amber jewelry that is perfect for summer wear. Our leather Baltic Amber bracelets for men, for example, make just the right statement with a casual pair of shorts and a shirt.

Amber and Leather bracelet

Amber and Leather bracelet

We also offer beautiful children’s Baltic Amber teething necklaces in a variety of styles. Check out the gorgeous turquoise and amber teething necklaces we now offer — perfect for alleviating the misery of teething for summer comfort.

rainbow raw baltic amber teething necklace

Don’t miss out Spark of Amber’s adult Baltic Amber necklaces either. We offer a variety of styles, perfect for your needs. This summer, don’t forget to make Baltic Amber part of your life!

Sunny days raw baltic amber 17" necklace from Spark of Amber

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Celebrating the One Year Anniversary of Spark of Amber!

Hi! I’m Julie, the owner of Spark of Amber Baltic Amber jewelry. Today is exactly ONE YEAR since Sparkofamber.com was first launched. So much has happened in that time. We have gained some wonderful customers, and launched many new products.

Serenity Baltic Amber, Black Tourmaline, and Lepidolite Peace Sign necklacesAs you may remember from the beginning, my husband and I have 3 beautiful children. Personally speaking, I have worked to better manage my home/work life (even though I work from home) this past year. I’m sure the work/home life balance is a challenge for many of you moms. When I first launched Spark of Amber, I was working into the late hours of the night. In the interest of not becoming too tired for my family, I worked to make different arrangements and adjustments. Now things are going smoothly, and I have a set work schedule.

Our FamilyMy children are getting older. . and I don’t want to miss the time with them in the process of running a business. I am glad to be able to work from home, and I love what I do! My oldest son is already in fifth grade, and will be starting his spring soccer season soon. My younger son is a gymnast–this was his first  year competing. And my little baby girl is about to turn 3!

first day of school


vacation at Myrtle beach

But, enough about me. . As for Spark of Amber, we have launched our “It’s A Girl” pale rose quartz and raw Baltic Amber teething necklace line this month. I am working on/planning to launch our “It’s A Boy” line of teething necklaces next month. The boy necklaces will offer a choice between Raw Amber and Turquoise, and Raw Amber and Amazonite. Both are beautiful!

rainbow raw baltic amber teething necklace

Also in the works–we plan to launch a line of Mother’s (or Grandmother’s) Bracelets. These will feature a choice of raw or polished Baltic Amber and birthstone gemstones. I’m excited to offer these!

Meanwhile, we continue to grow our customer base and offer all the currently popular products: raw amber jewelry,Baltic amber teething necklaces, bracelets, necklaces, and more! We try to keep our prices as affordable as possible. In the past year, the amber market has fluctuated greatly, and wholesale Amber prices have increased. However, we still try to give our customers at Spark of Amber the best deal we can!

Baltic Amber Natural Nugget Seashore Necklace

So, thank you for being a Spark of Amber customer! We hope you stay around for many years to come, as we work on adding new products, and continue to provide excellent customer service.

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New Products Available Soon from Spark of Amber!

Happy January! I wanted to make you aware of some new Baltic Amber jewelry we will be offering this year. As usual, at Spark of Amber, shipping is free in the United States. These products are expected to be available by the end of January!

First, we are offering a new Baltic Amber raw bracelet for adults. This bracelet is called the “Twilight Raw Amber” bracelet, and is inspired by the colors of a sunset. Really beautiful, and perfect for lovers of raw amber!

the twilight raw amber braceletNext, we are offering a Luxury Meadow Green round beaded Baltic Amber Teething Necklace. This is part of our luxury line of teething necklaces. We already offer a buttery white amber luxury teething necklace.

the meadow baby teething necklaceSpark of Amber is adding a new Bean-Shaped rustic raw necklace with men in mind! This will be a longer length of approximately 20-21 inches long.

rustic raw men's bean shaped necklaceWe are also adding a new cascading necklace for women in our luxury amber collection. This amber necklace is the “Twilight Tropics” cascading Baltic Amber necklace, inspired by the colors of a tropical evening. It is really beautiful, and trendy! Great for every day, the office, or a night out!

twilightt tropics baltic amber necklaceAnd, at Spark of Amber, we are also offering a new Rainbow Raw stretch amber bracelet for adults, to match our Rainbow Raw Baltic Amber necklace!

baltic amber rainbow raw braceletJoin us on Facebook to see when these items are available for purchase. Also, we are adding some other favorites. Our Serenity youth size necklace will be restocked, and we will soon be adding an “It’s a girl” Luxury Teething necklace (combining raw amber and rose quartz) to our collection. In the later spring, we plan to add “It’s a boy” (combining raw amber and turquoise). These will make wonderful gifts. Visit our website often so you do not miss out!




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Happy New Year from Spark of Amber Jewelry — Looking Back at 2013, and Looking Ahead to 2014

It’s been quite a year for Spark of Amber. I began Spark of Amber in March of 2013, with the goal of making beautiful, handcrafted, authentic Baltic Amber jewelry affordable and accessible to United States customers.

Spark of AmberOver the past year, one of our favorite products has consistently been our various styles of Baltic Amber teething necklaces. At Spark of Amber, we offer a beautiful range of teething necklaces for little ones. We also offer the Tranquility Amber/Hazelwood necklaces that are quite popular.

Spark of Amber Firefly Round Beaded Baltic Amber Teething NecklaceFor adults, we sold out of our Meadow Green Amber Bracelets over the holiday season. The Sunny Days and Campfire Raw necklaces for adults and teens were also quite popular.

Sunny Days Raw Baltic Amber 17" Baltic Amber light raw necklace from Spark of amberAnother great seller in 2013 was the children’s Serenity Necklace for calming. Made of 100% natural Black Tourmaline, Raw Amber, and Lepidolite beads, this necklace (in the child’s size) is currently sold out and we are in the process of making more of these to offer in 2014. We offer the TEEN/ADULT size of Serenity Necklace that is still in stock as well!

serenity amber, black tourmaline, and lepidolite necklaceSo, what are our plans going forward? More of the same great products you love! A meadow green teething necklace, and some “it’s a boy” and “it’s a girl” custom designed teething necklaces are in the works. For adults, we want to add some more raw amber bracelets to match our raw amber necklaces! Also, we plan to add another style of longer raw Baltic Amber necklaces for men.

Men's Rustic Raw Baltic Amber Necklace
Follow us on Facebook to continue to hear about our latest Baltic Amber products. And, in the meantime, Happy New Year to you and your family from Spark of Amber!

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Give the Gift of Baltic Amber Jewelry– Necklaces and Bracelets

Still looking for that perfect holiday or Christmas gift? For teens and adults of all ages, for the person who has “everything”, Baltic Amber jewelry from Spark of Amber makes a wonderful present!

Baltic Amber Falling Leaves NecklaceConsider our Southwest Leather and Baltic Amber Adjustable Bracelets –These are perfect for the man in your life, with the combined beauty of real leather and genuine Baltic Amber, and styles unique to Spark of Amber.

Southwest Baltic Amber and Leather BraceletWe recently added our 17″ Serenity Baltic Amber Raw Amber, Lepidolite, and Black Tourmaline Calming necklaces. These are stunning, and feature a hand-carved in the USA recycled wood peace sign pendant. These Raw Amber and Gemstone necklaces are exclusive to Spark of Amber.

Serenity Baltic Amber, Black Tourmaline, and Lepidolite Peace Sign necklacesOur Meadow Green Baltic Amber necklace or bracelet is a great gift for any woman or girl. The green amber comes in a 18″ and 21-22″ length,  and the Meadow green amber bracelet is a stretchy bracelet.

Baltic Amber green necklace and bracelet setOf course, we carry the beautiful Rainbow Raw necklaces as well. We offer the Campfire Raw, Sunny Days Raw, and Rainbow Raw Amber necklaces in two sizes now for your convenience. At Spark of Amber you can choose between a 17″ or 21-22″ size, depending on your preference.

Rainbow Raw Baltic Amber necklaceDon’t forget, for your holiday gift-giving, all our items come beautifully packaged, ready to give! Follow us on Facebook so you don’t miss out on any beautiful new Amber jewelry items!

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Give The Gift of Baltic Amber: Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

Every Christmas and holiday season, many people struggle with knowing just what to give as a perfect gift!  At Spark of Amber, we encourage you to consider the gift of Baltic Amber. . it is beautiful and unique. For the little ones in your life, how about giving a Baltic Amber teething necklace?

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Sunrise NuggetAt Spark of Amber, we offer a variety of styles and colors of teething necklaces. Amber teething necklaces are available in nugget and round styles. We have Amber teething necklaces that are bean shaped as well. . .and we offer Raw Amber teething necklaces and polished amber teething necklaces!

Midnight Nugget Teething NecklaceEven if your little one already has a teething necklace, it’s always fun to add another color or style of teething necklace to his or her collection!

Rainbow Raw Christmas teething necklaceAt Spark of Amber, all of our Baltic Amber teething necklaces are made with the highest care, knotted between each bead for safety, and fashioned with the best quality Baltic Amber beads from Lithuania!

Campfire Raw ChristmasShipping within the United States is free, and you can request that the Amber teething necklace be shipped to the recipient of your choice!

Sunrise Holiday Teething NecklaceOf course, besides our selection of Baltic Amber teething necklaces, at Spark of Amber we offer gifts for everyone. . .men, women, teens and children! Be sure to join us on Facebook and visit our website to check out our selection of great gift items! We also offer gift certificates in the dollar amount of your choosing!

Seashore Teething Necklace

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Teacher Gifts for Christmas and the Holidays — Spark of Amber Jewelry

It’s that time of year, when it’s time to start thinking about gifts for everyone on your list! That includes teacher gifts. Many teachers secretly detest “apple” themed gift items (at least the ones I’ve talked to). So, how about something different as a teacher gift this year? How about a beautiful piece of jewelry from Spark of Amber?

Baltic Amber Natural Nugget Seashore NecklaceThe picture above shows the Spark of Amber Seashore 18″ natural nugget necklace. This is a great option, as it can be worn with so many outfits. Any teacher would appreciate a piece of fine Amber jewelry for a holiday gift–and we have necklaces and bracelets designed for men and women!

Giving Spark of Amber jewelry to teacherEvery time your child’s teacher wears his or her beautiful jewelry gift from Spark of Amber, it will be a reminder of your child, and how much you appreciate all he/she does while teaching!

Teacher with child wearing Baltic Amber necklaceAt Spark of Amber, we have so many options for beautiful holiday gifts. You are sure to find something for everyone on your list, even the most picky or hard-to-buy-for people. A piece of jewelry is almost universally appreciated.

Teacher wearing Baltic Amber necklaceAll of our beautiful amber adult-length necklaces come boxed perfectly for gift-giving. . . Birthdays, Christmas, New Year’s, thank-you gifts, get-well gifts. Whatever, the occasion, simply add a ribbon and your gift of Baltic Amber jewelry is ready to give!

Spark of Amber Jewelry Ready for gift givingWhether it’s teacher gifts, baby gifts, co-worker gifts, or gifts for your loved ones, we have something at Spark of Amber for everyone! Want to learn more? Follow us on Facebook for updates, or visit our website!

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New Baltic Amber Necklaces and Lengths

At Spark of Amber, we try to listen to what our customers are asking for. We recently added some 21-22″ length necklaces to accommodate those customers who prefer longer lengths for their amber necklaces.

We now sell our Sunny Days Raw Amber necklace in a 21-22″ length! (The picture below shows the 17″ length.)

Sunny Days Raw Baltic Amber 17" Baltic Amber light raw necklace from Spark of amber Rainbow Raw Baltic Amber adult-length necklaces are now offered from Spark of Amber in the 21-22″ length.

Rainbow Raw Baltic Amber necklaceHave you seen the Spark of Amber new Rare Green “Meadow” polished Baltic Amber necklaces? These necklaces are made of oval/bean shaped polished amber beads, knotted in between for durability. They come in a 18″ length and a 21-22″ length! Also, at Spark of Amber, we carry a matching Meadow Green Baltic Amber stretch bracelet with round polished Amber beads.

Meadow Light Green Amber Necklace

Another new necklace we added at Spark of Amber is the luxury Falling Leaves necklace. With a variety of colors, you won’t want to miss out on this beautiful addition to your Baltic Amber collection!

Baltic Amber Falling Leaves NecklaceFor the children, we added a Rainbow Raw amber teething necklace to match our adult Rainbow Raw Baltic Amber necklace!

rainbow raw baltic amber teething necklace

We have more beautiful amber jewelry to add for the holiday/Christmas season, so stay tuned and follow Spark of Amber on Facebook to see our latest jewelry items!

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A Fall Family Weekend! Happy October from Spark of Amber

What have you done with your family this fall? Has it been exceptionally warm where you live? Spark of Amber is a work-at-home-mom-run business, and sometimes (as the owner), I like to share a bit of my life with you.

I’m Julie, owner/founder of Spark of Amber. I really hate posting pictures of just myself, so here’s our family shot again! 🙂

Our Family

Our family weekend started out with us taking all three kids to homecoming festivities at the small school my boys attend. They did a rope maze, got their faces painted, played on the playground with their friends, and ate fresh caramel apples. My son was ball-boy for part of the middle school soccer game. . .he’s eleven. I find this hard to believe, but next year he will be playing soccer on the middle-school team. He already plays for a township league in the spring.

DH & I spend Saturday mornings together almost every week. We typically go to yard sales or grocery shopping in the winter.  It’s nice to get out together without the kids.  We also drop off Spark of Amber orders that are ready to ship at the post office to be processed and sent out. I stayed up late Friday night to get make sure all Spark of Amber customers got their orders in a timely manner.

Amber bracelet in packagingSaturday, we spent some time at a beautiful local park. The weather was above 80, so perfect to walk around and watch the kids play. Here is a picture of my husband and our children (and the neighbor boy, who spends a lot of his time with us).

weekend at the parkAfter church on Sunday we visited the park again. Where we live, we do not typically get October weekends that are so beautiful and warm! My boys had fun playing hide and seek at the park, and my younger son likes to practice his fishing skills (even though he did not catch anything).

Fishing for FunMy daughter was Daddy’s girl this weekend, and this sweet picture captured the moment quite well.

Daddy and daughter

We visited a new Spanish restaurant in town for dinner on Sunday evening for their “3 tacos and a drink for $5 special”!  Great authentic Spanish food at a very reasonable price. My kids love going out for tacos, and they also love the rare privilege of soda, because they pretty much are never allowed to drink it at home.

restaurant authentic spanish food

Now the homework is done, the book bags are packed, the lunches are made, and the school clothes are out. The weekend is almost over. I am working on uploading some new product pictures for Spark of Amber jewelry, and, of course, writing this blog post.

Have you seen our new products this fall? We recently added a stunning luxury green Baltic Amber necklace — “The Meadow” and a Falling Leaves Amber necklace. Either one would make a great gift for the upcoming holiday season! We added the Rainbow Raw amber teething necklace and the Seashore Bean-shaped teething necklaces as well.

Rainbow Raw Teething NecklaceWhile you’re stopping by, please do not forget to enter our Big Fall Giveaway! And follow us on Facebook for all the latest news.

Thanks for letting me share a bit of our weekend with you!

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Spark of Amber FALL Giveaway 2013! Enter to win some GREAT prizes!

We are excited at Spark of Amber to start our first annual Fall Giveaway. We hope to make this a yearly event. This giveaway will run October 1-October 15th. Entries will be by Rafflecopter (lots of ways to earn entries!). There is ONE lucky winner of all the prizes. Winner of the prizes will be randomly chosen October 16, 2013 and notified by email.

NOTE: Contest is open to USA only, and is subject to all rules and guidelines required by law.

The totally AWESOME 2013 Fall Giveaway Prizes are as follows:

1) Spark of Amber Baltic Amber teething necklace. Spark of Amber sells Baltic Amber jewelry for all ages–teething necklaces, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, pendants and more!  The Spark of Amber teething necklace will be handcrafted of 100% authentic Baltic Amber.

Spark of Amber Baltic Amber teething necklace for Fall Giveaway2. For Mom: Lilla Rose Hair Jewelry/Accessory of Winner’s Choice! If you are not familiar with Lilla Rose, you are certainly in for a treat. They sell stunning hair clips to match any outfit, embellished hair sticks to make putting your hair up more fun and easy, adjustable hair jewelry bands (no more too-tight headbands), and more!

Lilla Rose Hair Accessories Jewelry Fall Giveaway3. Just in time for fall and Halloween, an adorable handcrafted Pumpkin Hat from Hannah Plays Hooky. All items are made with love and care, and at Hannah Plays Hooky you are sure to find precious and warm items for you or your little one!

Pumpkin Hat from Hannah Plays Hooky4.  Wonderful scent of the season in a Spicy Pumpkin Pie soap, hand-made from Almost Artisan! Almost Artisan sells 100% Vegan soaps, free of harmful chemicals and sulfates!

Pumpkin Pie Soap from Almost Artisan5.  Natural Teething Combo Kit–Including Teething Rub to calm your fussy baby from Balm Baby. Balm Baby is also giving away some natural Cloth Diaper Detergent.  With a strong commitment to eco-friendly, chemical-free, and natural products, all Balm Baby products are stored in plastic-free containers!

Balm Baby Teething ComboBalm Baby Cloth Diaper Liquid Detergent6.  A beautiful hand-crafted small wetbag or snack bag set from Jeca Creations.  The wetbag is 9X12 and can easily hold a couple of cloth diapers or soiled outfits. The outside fabric is a cotton blend, and the inside is PUL fabric. Zipper closure, and machine washable. The other choice is the snack bag set–great to store snacks, medicine, sandwiches and more! Jeca Creations offers a wonderful planet-friendly option to plastic bags.

fallgiveawaywetbagSnack Bag Set from Jeca Creations7. Pretty Mommies natural facial cleanser, skin brightener and SPF 30 SunscreenPretty Mommies unique and natural skin-care system works safely and effectively to address the most common skin problems associated with pregnancy. Relax and enjoy beautiful skin without harmful ingredients!

Pretty Mommies Skin Care SetReady to win these awesome prizes? Well, it’s time! Use the easy Rafflecopter form below to enter. There are many options for entries! Also be sure to visit all our wonderful sponsors of this 2013 Fall Giveaway!



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