Baltic Amber Jewelry – Necklaces and Pendants

Did you know at, we carry Baltic Amber jewelry for all ages? This past week, I added 18” long nugget necklaces in the same five colors as our baby teething necklaces. These are great to accessorize nearly any outfit! I had fun trying these on to see how the different styles looked.

When worn against the skin, Baltic Amber is said to provide the same calming benefits for adults as it does for children. Many people who suffer from headaches, frequent illnesses, achiness, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and lupus wear Baltic Amber necklaces and bracelets regularly. If you have never experienced Baltic Amber for yourself, it is certainly worth a try.

Baltic Amber is also beautiful. I love these “Starburst” pendants. Each one comes on a leather chain and is different and unique, made of gorgeous amber nuggets.

Baltic Amber Starburst Necklace

The 18” necklaces and Starburst pendants make wonderful gifts. These come packaged in giftable “pouches” or gift boxes. Have someone in your life that is “hard to buy for”? Need a unique gift for Mother’s Day or a birthday? Baltic Amber makes a perfect present!


About Julie @ Spark of Amber

Mom of three--two boys and a little girl. Founder of Spark of Amber ( We sell authentic, stunning natural Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces and bracelets. We also sell calming Baltic Amber earrings, pendants, bracelets, anklets, and rings using only the best amber from Lithuania. Shipping is always fast and free in the United States.
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