The 18″ Baltic Amber Nugget Necklace for Teens and Adults in Pictures: Sunrise Style!

One of our best-selling items at Spark of Amber has been our 18″ Adult Baltic Amber nugget necklaces. We sell these Baltic Amber 18″ necklaces  in five gorgeous styles/colors: Sunrise, Midnight, Autumn, Firefly, and Seashore! I recently received some pictures of gorgeous Kaela wearing our Sunrise style of Baltic Amber nugget 18″ necklace, and wanted to share them!

Baltic Amber 18" nugget necklace sunriseAs you can see, the Sunrise style of Baltic Amber necklace is brilliant, and makes a great addition to your jewelry collection!  Not only do you get the benefits of wearing Baltic Amber, you get a stunning, unique piece of Baltic Amber jewelry!

Spark of Amber Baltic Amber 18" Nugget Necklace Sunrise StyleYesterday, I received an email from another customer who wrote about how she went out to pick up some things at the store and received three different compliments on her Baltic Amber 18″ nugget necklace from! These are so versatile– you can dress them up or down!

Spark of Amber Baltic Amber 18" Nugget Necklace Sunrise StyleAll of our 18″ Baltic Amber nugget necklaces at Spark of Amber come in attractive gift boxes, with additional information about Baltic Amber and care instructions. They make a great gift, even for the person in your life who has “everything”. As always, shipping at Spark of Amber is fast and FREE.

Spark of Amber Baltic Amber 18" Nugget Necklace Sunrise StyleTo keep up to date on our latest styles and newest products, please visit our website often, and join our friendly Facebook page.


About Julie @ Spark of Amber

Mom of three--two boys and a little girl. Founder of Spark of Amber ( We sell authentic, stunning natural Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces and bracelets. We also sell calming Baltic Amber earrings, pendants, bracelets, anklets, and rings using only the best amber from Lithuania. Shipping is always fast and free in the United States.
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