Exciting New Products Coming (and Old Favorites Being Restocked)!

Many of you wonder what Baltic Amber jewelry we will be adding this fall at Spark of Amber, in time for holiday shopping. I wanted to make you aware of some new products we will be offering, as well as some Baltic Amber favorites that we will be restocking at Spark of Amber.

First, the New Products:

1. For Men: The Southwest Baltic Amber Leather and Amber Adjustable bracelets. Have a guy in your life that you find difficult to choose a gift for? How about an adjustable leather/amber bracelet– carefully handcrafted and unique! Combine it with one of our 100% natural Baltic Amber men’s necklaces for an extra special gift!

Men's Leather and Baltic Amber Bracelets

2. For Children: We are adding some new teething necklaces. First, a Rainbow Raw to match our adult style Rainbow Raw necklaces. We are also adding a Rainbow Shiny Bean Necklace (for those who prefer bean shaped beads). As another special addition we are adding “The Pearl” — A bean-shaped rare royal white Baltic Amber teething necklace. Light colored amber in bean shapes, similar to the look of a milky white pearl, make this teething necklace truly special!

3. For Teens: We are adding a Serenity Baltic Amber, Lepidolite, and Black Tourmaline Necklace with a hand-carved (right here in the USA, of recycled wood!) oval peace symbol. Your tween or teen will love wearing this calming necklace at home or school! First quality gemstones and raw Baltic Amber make this a great gift!

4. For adults–New Jewelry— First, we are adding 22″ inch lengths to all our raw amber necklaces (the 17″ lengths will STILL BE AVAILABLE AS WELL): Rainbow Raw, Sunny Days Raw, and Campfire Raw. We are adding a few new polished necklaces to our collection. First, we are adding a deluxe edition (heavier weight, higher quality) of our popular Island Escape layered Baltic Amber necklace. Next, we are adding The Falling Leaves Necklace– A multi-colored drop-leaf style Baltic Amber necklace. This is very stunning–makes a wonderful accessory for business or a night out!

Also, by popular request, we are pleased to announce that we are adding  “The Meadow” rare light green amber necklaces (in the 17″ and 22″ length) and matching “Meadow” green amber stretch bracelets! These are beautiful polished amber.

Finally, in new products, we are adding an adult-length Serenity necklace. This will match our child’s Serenity (raw amber, Black Tourmaline and Lepidolite) necklace, but will be beautifully larger beads and a longer length.

serenity amber, black tourmaline, and lepidolite necklace

Next, the Returning Products:

1. We are restocking our polished Mother’s Love Amber breastfeeding necklaces in both oval and round beaded styles!

2. We are adding more styles of the Savannah Sunset Baltic Amber bracelet!

Amber bracelet in packaging

3. We will be adding more Baltic Amber earrings.

4. We are adding more Baltic Amber Loving Heart pendants.

5. We will be restocking our Tranquility Baltic Amber and Hazelwood jewelry in all sizes.

Tranquility Hazelwood and Baltic Amber Stretch Bracelet

6. We will be restocking more men’s Rustic Raw Amber necklaces.

Of course,  we hope to blog more about each of these new products from Spark of Amber as they become available! By October, we should have them all ready to go, just in time for holiday shopping! All of our Baltic Amber products at Spark of Amber are reasonably priced with free shipping, and we are happy to ship your Baltic Amber jewelry to the address of your choice–directly to the gift recipient.

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About Julie @ Spark of Amber

Mom of three--two boys and a little girl. Founder of Spark of Amber (Sparkofamber.com). We sell authentic, stunning natural Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces and bracelets. We also sell calming Baltic Amber earrings, pendants, bracelets, anklets, and rings using only the best amber from Lithuania. Shipping is always fast and free in the United States.
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1 Response to Exciting New Products Coming (and Old Favorites Being Restocked)!

  1. Kalle Metcalf says:

    Wow didn’t realize there were so many different options, all I knew about were the teething necklaces and bracelets for babies.

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