Celebrating the One Year Anniversary of Spark of Amber!

Hi! I’m Julie, the owner of Spark of Amber Baltic Amber jewelry. Today is exactly ONE YEAR since Sparkofamber.com was first launched. So much has happened in that time. We have gained some wonderful customers, and launched many new products.

Serenity Baltic Amber, Black Tourmaline, and Lepidolite Peace Sign necklacesAs you may remember from the beginning, my husband and I have 3 beautiful children. Personally speaking, I have worked to better manage my home/work life (even though I work from home) this past year. I’m sure the work/home life balance is a challenge for many of you moms. When I first launched Spark of Amber, I was working into the late hours of the night. In the interest of not becoming too tired for my family, I worked to make different arrangements and adjustments. Now things are going smoothly, and I have a set work schedule.

Our FamilyMy children are getting older. . and I don’t want to miss the time with them in the process of running a business. I am glad to be able to work from home, and I love what I do! My oldest son is already in fifth grade, and will be starting his spring soccer season soon. My younger son is a gymnast–this was his first  year competing. And my little baby girl is about to turn 3!

first day of school


vacation at Myrtle beach

But, enough about me. . As for Spark of Amber, we have launched our “It’s A Girl” pale rose quartz and raw Baltic Amber teething necklace line this month. I am working on/planning to launch our “It’s A Boy” line of teething necklaces next month. The boy necklaces will offer a choice between Raw Amber and Turquoise, and Raw Amber and Amazonite. Both are beautiful!

rainbow raw baltic amber teething necklace

Also in the works–we plan to launch a line of Mother’s (or Grandmother’s) Bracelets. These will feature a choice of raw or polished Baltic Amber and birthstone gemstones. I’m excited to offer these!

Meanwhile, we continue to grow our customer base and offer all the currently popular products: raw amber jewelry,Baltic amber teething necklaces, bracelets, necklaces, and more! We try to keep our prices as affordable as possible. In the past year, the amber market has fluctuated greatly, and wholesale Amber prices have increased. However, we still try to give our customers at Spark of Amber the best deal we can!

Baltic Amber Natural Nugget Seashore Necklace

So, thank you for being a Spark of Amber customer! We hope you stay around for many years to come, as we work on adding new products, and continue to provide excellent customer service.

About Julie @ Spark of Amber

Mom of three--two boys and a little girl. Founder of Spark of Amber (Sparkofamber.com). We sell authentic, stunning natural Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces and bracelets. We also sell calming Baltic Amber earrings, pendants, bracelets, anklets, and rings using only the best amber from Lithuania. Shipping is always fast and free in the United States.
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